Our Team


BRAVE Education has over 30+ multidisciplinary team members across the country who are dedicated to the cause to empower and protect children, and to foster their community of support.


Kelly Schuler-McDonald

Founder of BRAVE Education and BRAVE Communications

Kelly is the Executive Director and Founder of BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention. She is passionate about empowering leadership, research and finding new ways to do what may seem like ‘the impossible’.

Using research combined with visionary talents, she surrounds herself with brilliant disruptive types, and helps collectively combine brilliance to shine light on the who, what, when, where, why and how around prevention education. Committed to empowering and protecting children and youth, Kelly's expertise in research, behavioural change, education and experience with trafficked youth led Kelly to develop research, programming and collaborations to address what is needed to help children from being trafficked in the first place. 

Kelly is a strategic research and creative director, focused on youth empowerment, a presentation coach, publisher and producer of tools to empower individuals, communities and organizations, often addressing complex issues. 

In addition to BRAVE Education, Kelly serves actively in Curation for TEDxYYC, is the Executive Director of BRAVE Communications and is co-founder of a youth empowerment organization, equipping youth to inspire, overcome and influence!

Kelly spearheaded a five year plan for research, education and collaborations that has been successfully awarded the largest funding from Mitacs to date in the area of social innovation. This project’s vision is to help ensure every child in Canada has access to education to prevent sexual exploitation and trafficking, achieved through research, education and collaborations.



Yvonne Meredith

Early Childhood Educator and Indigenous Youth Leader

Yvonne is mother of five children, married for over 12 years and a Graduate of Child Education. Doing something brave and bold helps you to believe that you are capable of facing those fears, and can overcome anything life throws at you. Yvonne is keen on doing this work, to empower others to have that same boldness, to be brave, and to overcome their fears and vulnerabilities.

Yvonne has volunteered and led teams with BRAVE Education for over two years, leading our initiatives in northern remote communities, where we deliver together with local youth and adult leaders to provide empowering prevention education.


Holly Wood

Researcher, Educator, Communications and Volunteer Lead

Holly Wood holds a BA Honours in Law from Carleton University and is currently completing her MA Legal Studies Thesis surrounding the topic of police responses to Sex Trafficking in Ontario.
Holly met BRAVE Education at a Public Safety Webinar in January 2022, where Kelly Schuler was presenting. Holly fell in love with BRAVE’s mission and values and knew she wanted to be a part of the change! Holly is now a Researcher, Marketing, Communications and Volunteer Lead with BRAVE Education and frequently presents alongside her team members to bring inclusive, child-focused prevention education to children and communities across Canada.
Aside from her work with BRAVE, Holly is the Vice Chair of the Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking, and the Chair of the Coalition’s Advocacy Committee. Holly loves all things research and policy, and hopes to influence policy alongside the BRAVE team!

Dr. Nketti

Educator and Advisor

Professionally, Dr. Nketti is a public speaker, published author, academic, entrepreneur and community development leader with significant experience in international community development, non-profit leadership and organisational development and management. 

Nketti leads an enriching professional life as the Director of Research and Programs at Children first Canada, the CEO and founder of Mason Vanguard Consulting, and as a member on the board of Cause Canada. Nketti enjoys using her skills, competencies, knowledge and time  towards poverty reduction and towards building tomorrow’s leaders and empowering some of the World’s most marginalised people. Her mission in life is to support people, communities and organisations to unleash their potential.  


Christine Château

Researcher and Educator

Christine is a Red River Métis from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Christine is in her final year of the program at the University of Calgary in the International Community Development specialization (ICD).

Christine’s research interests are drawn from seeing the societal problems that plagued Indigenous people such as poverty, oppression and racism while growing up in Winnipeg. As a result, she wanted to be an advocate for Indigenous people and those who cannot advocate for themselves. 

Trafficking prevention is important to Christine because of the immense effects sexual exploitation and trafficking has had on Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA.The Missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls report notes that Indigenous women and girls are more likely than other groups to be targeted for, or to experience, sexual exploitation or trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation.  


Mikhaela Gray-Beerman

Researcher and Educator


Mikhaela Gray-Beerman is a PhD student in the Social and Political Thought Program at York University, where her research focuses on sex trafficking in Canada. The work she does is informed by the many inspiring women and girls who have entrusted their stories with her. Her most recent publication examines sex buyers’ attitudes. In 2021,

Mikhaela was named one of York University’s Top 30 Changemakers Under 30. Mikhaela is the host and community producer of a RogersTV television program and podcast on human trafficking called Freedom Fighters: Code.

She currently serves on the advisory team for Defend Dignity, a nation-wide charity focused on ending sexual exploitation in Canada, and she serves on the Board of Bridgenorth, a survivor-led organization in York Region, Ontario. Mikhaela is the Development Associate at Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited and she is an Education Advisor and Human Trafficking researcher for BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention. 

In 2017, Mikhaela conducted her Masters of Education thesis research on the trafficking of women and girls in West Bengal, India. Mikhaela is published in the Journal for Teaching & Learning, the Journal of Community Safety & Well-being, and the University of Toronto Press. 


Ena Lucia Mariaca Pacheco

Researcher and Educator

Ena Lucia Mariaca is a trauma-informed professional in human security with a specialization in survivors of human trafficking, child sexual abuse and exploitation. 

Ena Lucia built a database to track human trafficking cases and to provide supporting data for Bill C-310, a piece of legislation that enhanced the definition of exploitation in the criminal offense of human trafficking. Using information from this database, Bill C-310 also enabled the prosecution of Canadians who committed crimes against children and human trafficking offenses outside of Canada. 

Currently, Ena Lucia is completing her research on male victims & survivors of child sexual abuse and human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Her research investigates male victim identification indicators and explores the unique needs of male survivors after their experiences with childhood sexual exploitation. Ena Lucia’s goals for 2022 are to finish her master’s thesis at Royal Roads and to continue supporting survivors through additional research projects.  


Angus Cockney

Researcher, Educator and Keynote Presenter

Born in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Angus Cockney spent 13 years in a Catholic-run residential school in Inuvik. It was there where he was told his mother, father and three siblings had died in a house fire back home. Angus shares his story and his story of triumph and resilience to inspire others. 

Cockney has demonstrated breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma and is an established artist, athlete, motivational speaker.


Caitlin Herringer

Researcher and Educator

The inequality of women, men and children in the trafficking industry is still very real today and until all acts of violence such as sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and forced labour are eliminated, many victims forced into this industry will most likely never have their day of freedom.

I believe that prevention in human trafficking is critical. This is why research is so vital to combat human trafficking, it has the ability to create awareness and help reduce and reverse patterns within the human trafficking world. Furthermore, it educates our most vulnerable youth, and improves collective proficiency among organizations who are working to support and protect survivors and victims of human trafficking.   


Autta Sylliboy

Community Health Leader & Educator

Autta Sylliboy is a community leader dedicated to the health of children, youth, their families and communities.



Stacey Dlamini

Community Leader & Educator

Stacey Dlamini is a community leader dedicated to the wellbeing and empowerment of youth and communities.


Frederick R. McDonald


Frederick R. McDonald is an advisor and contributor to BRAVE Education. Fred is an international, award-winning artist - a painter, poet and photographer - and a member of the Fort McKay First Nation.

Fred was born in Fort McMurray and raised in the bush along the Athabasca River, brought up in the traditional hunting and trapping lifestyle of his parents. Although he has travelled far and wide, Fred’s heart is still with his community and he continues to be an active member of the Fort McKay band. His children and his grandchildren are his inspiration for everything he does and they are ultimately his greatest creation.



Researcher and Educator

Amelie is in her final year of university majoring in behavioral science and minoring in dance. Amelie has been involved in BRAVE education as a student intern, youth mentor and educator.



Youth Advocate and Educator

Lukas is an engineering student at UBC who assists BRAVE with social media work, curriculum development, school presentations and bilingual adaptations.


Marilyn Bushell

Former Governor of Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan and Northern Wyoming (AMS&NW) District of Optimist International

A champion of BRAVE Education for Trafficking from the time of its conception, Marilyn a multi-generational member of the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary and invoked for over 26 years. When president of the club, she was compelled to help launch BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention after learning this horrific act happens everywhere. 


Denise Dolph

Optimist President, Entrepreneur and Human Resource Development Professional

Denise is a third-generation member of Optimist clubs in Calgary and is currently President of the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary. Denise is excited about BRAVE Education’s mission to educate about the prevention of human trafficking. With a son, daughter and twin granddaughters, she was stunned to learn how prevalent trafficking is even in her own country, bringing the phrase, “There, but for the grace of God, go I,” close to home. Denise is starting to get itchy feet and is ready to explore the world again.


Paula Hammel

Paula Hammel

Supporter and Connector

As a former RN in child and infant health, Paula’s innate instinct is to protect children. She served previously as the Provincial Coordinator of the Joy Smith Foundation, and has continued to garner expertise and lobby for change. Paula says:  “Children are our future and I feel we must invest in them through preventative health and safety measures." It is our duty as their trusted caregivers and the adults in their lives that are watching out for them to provide this life-saving education. They are, after all, someone’s valued and beloved child. We must embrace our responsibility as adults to be the village that surrounds all children to nurture them in the best ways possible enabling their optimum growth and development.


Dana Mizuguchi

Youth Advocate and Educator

Dana Mizuguchi is in her senior year at Inquiry Hub Secondary School. She is the founder of the Inquiry Hub Debate Club and a Minerva BC alumni, participating in a number of conferences and programs, including creating a conference to teach confidence and inclusive leadership to young women. Dana is passionate about Computer Science, Sociology, and Philosophy and enjoys coding apps and websites, playing chess, and reading in her spare time. In the future, Dana hopes to become an advocate for and create positive change toward gender equity in STEM. She is a strong believer in education and prevention, leading her to join BRAVE Education, helping with the website and online sales.