Our Team


  Kelly Schuler
  Founder of BRAVE Education & BRAVE Communications

Kelly is the Executive Director and Founder of BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention. Passionate about empowering leadership, research and finding new ways to do what, to others, may seem like ‘the impossible’. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business, with a focus on Cross-Cultural Communications and a minor in Transportation and Distribution.

Using research combined with visionary talents, she surrounds herself with brilliant disruptive types, and helps collectively combine brilliance to shine light on the who, what, when, where, why and how and the 'really?' around prevention education. Committed to empowering and protecting children and youth, Kelly's expertise in research, behavioural change, education and experience with trafficked youth lead Kelly to develop research and programming to address what was needed to help children from being trafficked in the first place. 

Kelly is a strategic and creative director, focused on youth empowerment, Presentation coach, publisher and producer of tools to empower individuals, communities and organizations, and is often addressing complex issues. 

In addition to BRAVE Education, Kelly serves actively as Lead of Partnerships for TEDxYYC, is the Executive Director of BRAVE Communications and is co-founder of a youth empowerment organization, equipping youth to inspire, overcome and influence!


Alexandra Ford
Program Advisor and Survivor Advocate

Though she was trafficked in 2007, it wasn’t until more than 10 years later that she understood what happened to her was, in fact, human trafficking. Alexandra's voice has developed through years of work and education in criminology, victimology, psychology and community and justice services. After having worked in the aftermath of trauma, her own and others, her focus was brought to the critical need for prevention education. She is the co-founder of Uprising, a Wyoming based anti-human trafficking agency that focuses on prevention education, and has joined forces with BRAVE Education since returning to Canada in 2020.

Alexandra is gifted in taboo talks, uncomfortable conversations and having awkward conversations in everyday places. She is extremely passionate about prevention work and the belief that important conversations must happen at all ages and stages.


Yvonne Meredith
Graduate of Child Education, Mother, Advocate

A mother of five children, married for 12 years and a Graduate of Child Education. Something brave that she would love to do is to swim with sharks, not the big great whites, but the harmless ones. Doing something brave and bold helps you to believe that you are capable of facing those fears, and can overcome anything life throws at you. Yvonne is keen on doing this work, to empower others to have that same boldness, to be brave, and to overcome their fears and vulnerabilities.

Yvonne is leading our initiatives in northern remote communities, where we deliver together with local youth and adult leaders to provide empowering prevention education.


Core Advisors:

Marilyn Bushell

Governor of Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan and Northern Wyoming (AMS&NW) District of Optimist International

A champion of BRAVE Education for Trafficking from the time of its conception, Marilyn a multi-generational member of the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary and invoked for over 26 years. When president of the club, she was compelled to help launch BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention after learning this horrific act happens everywhere.



Denise Dolph

Entrepreneur and Human Resource Development Professional

Denise is a third-generation member of Optimist clubs in Calgary and is currently President of the Dinner Optimist Club of Calgary. Denise is excited about BRAVE Education’s mission to educate about the prevention of human trafficking. With a son, daughter and twin granddaughters, she was stunned to learn how prevalent trafficking is even in her own country, bringing the phrase, “There, but for the grace of God, go I,” close to home. Denise is starting to get itchy feet and is ready to explore the world again.


Paula Hammel

Paula Hammel

Powerhouse Connector

As a former RN in child and infant health, Paula’s innate instinct is to protect children. She served previously as the Provincial Coordinator of the Joy Smith Foundation, and has continued to garner expertise and lobby for change. Paula says:  “Children are our future and I feel we must invest in them through preventative health and safety measures." It is our duty as their trusted caregivers and the adults in their lives that are watching out for them to provide this life-saving education. They are, after all, someone’s valued and beloved child. We must embrace our responsibility as adults to be the village that surrounds all children to nurture them in the best ways possible enabling their optimum growth and development.

Timothy Bell

Trent Snyder

Don Moench